Campus residents have recently been enjoying a wide variety of musical entertainment.  Pine Glen welcomed harpist Karen Atz, daughter of a tenant.  Karen played in the Madison Symphony Orchestra for over 40 years and also taught harp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She played beautifully!  Retired music teacher Jim Pfaff entertained memory care residents with his cordovox, an electronic accordion.  He played old time waltzes and fun polkas and the seniors loved it!  Assisted living residents had lots of fun engaging in a drum circle with volunteer Marita Kelter, daughter of a Pines resident.  The drums they used were African Tubanu Drums, which the Merrimac Charter School graciously loaned to Pines for a few weeks.  The seniors liked experimenting with different rhythms and beats, primarily as a mode of expression!  Many thanks to all who shared their time and talents with us!  To view pictures, please click on the web album.