The Roxbury Boosters 4H Club joined seniors at Pines to play bingo and make a flower craft.

We have so appreciated all the students who’ve shared their time and smiles during the month of May! The Grand Avenue 4th grade students came a couple times during the month to play balloon volleyball, parachute and bowling. The Grand Avenue 5th Grade Chorus put on a lovely performance, and the Roxbury Boosters 4-H Club came to play bingo and everyone made a spring flower craft together. Your visits mean so much to us! The warmer weather means it’s tri-shaw season, and we so appreciate the volunteer pilots who make this program possible! Warmer weather also means spring planting, so folks planted annuals and cherry tomato plants in the raised bed. There was special music and Cherry Floats to celebrate Mother’s Day, and thank you to furry friend Murphy and his human, Kathleen, for making time for lots of pets and snuggles. To view photos, please click on the web album link below.

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